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Odessa is of the many cities in Texas’ deregulated energy market, and because of this, all energy users in Odessa, including residential and commercial accounts, have the opportunity to select from a variety of energy companies. has linked up with many of the best energy suppliers in Texas, including APG&E, Pulse Power, V247, Gexa, Frontier, Summer, Spark, New Power Texas, Pronto, and Chariot Energy. Through our relationships with these partners, we are able to offer significant cost savings to our customers. On, you can shop for the best rates available, pick the plan that meets your needs, and enroll in no time. There has never been an easier way to save money on your energy account.

Texas has seen extreme temperatures in recent years, winters and summers both. Due to these increased burdens on the electrical grid, it is more beneficial than ever for you to ensure you have an agreement with a guaranteed rate in place. If you don't have this price guaranty, you are likely paying a market rate that can change daily. Sudden spikes in electric demand could cause you to owe thousands of dollars for even just a few days of service.

Residential electricity use is on the rise, even when the unpredictable weather isn't factored in. This is partly because of the trend for people to be working from home more. This is the perfect time for you to chek out available rates and see that you aren’t paying more than you should be for your electricity service.

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Signing up is easy. You can do it in minutes. Plus, there are no complicated forms, no extra fees, and no technicians need to come to your house to make any changes.

There are dozens of energy providers that service Odessa residents. Fortunately, there’s no need to call around to each one to find what rates they will offer you. Even if you’re shopping online from the comfort of your own home, many of these providers’ websites are complicated and lack the information you’re looking for. gives you everything you need in one place. Don’t spend extra time trying to track down information from dozens of websites.

Odessa electricity rates

Price competition brought about by deregulation means wholesale electricity rates can vary, and any increases in those costs find their way into the retail rates that you pay.

What’s an electricity customer to do? You can make a power rates comparison using the marketplace. We make it easy for you so you don’t have to take the time to search several sites to find “cheap electricity rates near me.” Best of all, there’s no cost to you for this service.

For price stability, sign up for flat rate energy plans in Texas rather than variable rates. We’ve all seen how much energy rates can skyrocket in the Texas heat or in unexpected winter storms. Lock in a rate for up to three years by signing up for fixed-rate plans.

These are the real-time rates for the Oncor service area. All rates presume a residence with a monthly usage of 1,000 kWh. For customized rates and available plans, enter your zip code below.

Average electric usage levels – you really need to know this before shopping.

Be aware, if you don’t know the average amount of energy your home or business uses on a monthly basis, then you may be paying more than you should on electric costs. The average monthly usage level gives the various providers a starting point in determining what rate they will offer you.

On most power company websites the prices for the highest usage levels are often highlighted since those tend to have the lowest rates. The catch is that the typical household does not consume nearly enough power to qualify for these rates. displays all-inclusive pricing from different providers in a standard, easy-to-use platform.

With your specific usage level, you can shop and compare energy plans based on the rates you’ll actually see appear on your bill, inclusive of taxes fees. You won’t be misled by the “teaser rates” tied with higher usage levels that many homes never experience, as their usage level never reaches that pricing tier. is not married to any one provider. Our loyalty is to you, the consumer. We do away with all the misinformation, the hidden fees, and the rates subject to fine print. We provide you with everything you need to know to make the right decision for your energy needs.

Choosing an energy plan in Odessa gives you the power to choose the best Odessa Rate & Plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

There isn’t one single energy solution that will fit everyone, so you will find a wealth of different short and long-term contracts offered by energy suppliers in Odessa. can help you find the plan that is right for you depending on your particular electricity needs.

Long-term, fixed-rate plans provide stability in electricity rates. If market energy costs suddenly trend upward where you live, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay more out of pocket. Texans have seen this in recent summers and winters, where abrupt changes in the market led to bills that many customers called downright criminal. The downside of these long-term plans, however, is that if you want to switch to a different, lower-cost plan before the end of the contract term, you’ll likely have to pay a cancellation or early termination fee.

Unlike with long-term plans, short-term plans allow you the freedom to switch providers again to keep up with the market. If costs go down over the next few months, a 6-month contract may help you get to a better time for your renewal. If rates go up, however, you don’t have the security of that great rate that is available now.

Would you like the security and the peace of mind from a long-term contract or the freedom and flexibility of a shorter term? Review your particular energy needs to find out which solution would be the best fit for you. makes it easier than ever to search for energy plans by term length. All the options we offer are listed by local suppliers in one place. This allows you to sort through all the available plans, filtering by term length, will display the best plans with the best rates according to your individual search preferences.

It is essential to compare potential plans to ensure that you find the best solution and the lowest rates for your home. makes it easier than ever to compare your options in one place. We have organized all the Odessa electricity providers and the plans they offer. All you need to do is choose the best solution and best rate for your home. Depending on your needs, you have a number of great options with various providers, term lengths, and rates. Each of these plan types has something unique to offer and are designed to fit different home needs.

Energy plan contract lengths

There are several plan options available for customers in Odessa, and with all the options, there is diversity in contract lengths as well. The shortest term-lengths are three months or even one month. Most single month plans do not require a contract, but some still do. Some of the longer contract options are for one year up to three years. Although it is not common, some providers will occasionally offer longer contracts. The most common contract terms are three years, one year, six months, three months, and one month.

Fixed rates

Electricity plans on are recommended for Odessa homeowners or those who have a long-term lease. These residential plans offer price security and stability but generally require a longer commitment. The electricity rates and prices will remain constant throughout the year rather than fluctuating monthly. This plan is a good one for someone looking for commitment and stability.

The downside is that when local energy rates drop, your energy rates will stay the same, so you will not benefit from the discounted energy. The good thing, however, is that when electricity rates spike, your energy bill will not be affected. However, while rates can and do sometimes decrease a little, there is no limit to the amount they can increase. A decrease of half a cent per kilowatt-hour can in fact save you a few dollars, but if unpredictable, extreme weather causes rates to jump 1,000%, you stand to lose a lot. Fixed rate provide the reliability and predictability that prevents customers from receiving surprise energy bills for thousands of dollars.

Variable rates

Variable-rate electric plans are the opposite of fixed-rate plans. With a variable energy rate, you might not be bound to a long-term contract, but instead, your rate will change on a month-to-month basis. This enables you to benefit from price drops when the market fluctuates. The downside, however, is that when electricity rates increase, so will your energy bill. This is a good option for risk-takers, but as noted in the section on fixed rates, the money you could potentially lose could be far greater than the money you could potentially save. You will be able to benefit when energy rates decrease, but risk suffering from a rise in energy prices.

Green energy options

At, we are passionate about helping the world around us. It is also just as important to us that we create a way for you to be able to do so too. We are working towards a future of renewable and sustainable energy, so several of our energy partner providers make it possible to power your home with renewable solar energy.

Some companies even let you power your home with electricity that is only partly renewable if you are afraid to make the full switch. To whatever extent you want, we have plans that allow you to power your home using solar energy without having to install solar panels. Although solar power is harnessed through the use of panels, they do not have to be on your home for you to reap the benefits of solar energy. Solar energy is generated through other people’s solar panels, and the extra energy they produce is put back into the energy grid for you to use. partners with some of the best Odessa electricity providers including APG&E, Pulse Power, V247, Gexa, Frontier, Summer, Spark, New Power Texas, Pronto, and Chariot Energy. We also believe in green energy so our suppliers have a variety of green options to help you save on your utility bill while also helping to save the Earth.

Electricity for businesses is here to help supply both you and your business with the best energy options with the lowest rates possible. Just take a few minutes to fill out a brief survey with some information about you and your company, and soon several of our top energy providers will begin to reach out to you. Several electricity provider companies will offer quotes for your business. With all the different options, you will be able to choose the lowest rate and the best option for your needs. You will be able to get a personalized electricity plan for your business from one of the best electricity providers in Odessa. A major bonus is that all of our services at are completely free to you. All that you will need to sacrifice in order to find your perfect plan is a few short minutes of your time.

How energy deregulation affects electricity prices

Energy deregulation is the whole reason that you are allowed to select your energy plan and provider. Being in a deregulated area is one definitely one of the perks of living in Odessa. This freedom to choose creates intense competition among the energy companies. The providers are doing what they can to battle for your attention. If they want to stand out from their competitors, they have to offer unique plans and cheap electricity rates. This is great news for you.

Texas energy deregulation began in 2002, and this ended the monopoly utility companies had over their service areas. Utilities stopped billing consumers for electricity and instead focused on delivery and on the maintenance of power lines, poles, etc.. Independent retail providers, meanwhile, began to sell electricity to consumers.

Today there are dozens providers, or REPs, to choose from, and this benefits consumers all across the state. Consider the latest statistics:

Texas deregulated most of its electricity market in 2002. This created a lot of changes for both consumers and energy companies. The latest statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration paint this picture:

  • As of August, residential electricity rates in Texas are 12½ percent lower than the national average.
  • Texas’ Commercial rates are nearly 29 percent below the national average.
  • Industrial rates are nearly 23 percent lower than the national average.
  • As of November 2020, Texas generates far more electricity from wind than any other state.
  • Texas generates the third-highest amount of electricity from solar energy.
  • Texas produces more electricity than any other state—almost twice as much as Florida, the next-highest electricity-producing state.
  • Texas is the largest producer and consumer of electricity in the nation. The industrial sector, including its refineries and petrochemical plants, accounts for half of the energy consumed in the state.
  • Texas leads the nation in wind-powered generation. In 2019, the state produced about 28% of all the U.S. wind-powered. Since 2014, Texas has produced more electricity from wind turbines than from both of the state's nuclear power plants.

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How to find the best energy plan in Odessa

#1 rule: Know Your Usage!

Knowing your energy usage each month makes shopping for electrical providers in Odessa much easier.

By default, each company provides a quote for an exact monthly usage of 2,000 kWh. Depending on your energy usage, your bill may end up higher or lower than what was quoted from this baseline number.

By allowing comparison shopping at your individual usage level, offers an alternative for shoppers. We use your past electrical usage figures to produce quotes from all our partner providers rather than relying on a single usage figure.

With, you are in control because we show you every fee, charge, and disclaimer with your quote. Once you find the right company for your Odessa home, we offer easy sign-up that only takes minutes. All you need to start is your monthly electrical usage.