Centerpoint Energy

Headquartered in Houston Texas, CenterPoint Energy delivers electricity to over two million residences and business in the Houston metropolitan area. CenterPoint also provides natural gas service to an additional three million homes and businesses in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Mississippi, including the fast-growing areas of Houston and Minneapolis.

CenterPoint Energy power to choose
Texas utilities no longer purchase electricity for their customers. Instead, Texas residents and business must purchase their electricity from a certified "Retail Electric Provider" (REP). If, for whatever reason, you don't sign up with a retail electric provider, you will receive electricity service from a Provider of Last Resort (POLR) selected by the Texas Public Utilities Commission. You can find the rates offered by your Provider of Last Resort below.

CenterPoint Energy Electric Rates
The Provider of Last Resort for customers in the CenterPoint service area is Reliant Energy. Customers in the CenterPoint service area can check out alternative electricity plans.
You can use these rates as a comparison tool to help you decide if you can save money by choosing another supplier. If another supplier's price per kilowatt hour is lower than the default rate, you can save the difference per kilowatt hour by switching to that supplier.